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Student Life in Cluj-Napoca

The student life in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is very lively and can be organized really diversified! Hit the road with your fellow students and enjoy the numerous leisure opportunities together.

As you can see, there is much to discover for you. You should not miss the interesting student life in Cluj-Napoca on any account. That way, you will also get to know your fellow students and your new friends better.


In Cluj-Napoca it is possible to get by in daily life with English. Young people speak very good English, in general, at a higher level than German students. This will also allow you to practise your English and to have a high level in a very short time.

English is the language of your studies. Lectures, tests and exams are all in English. Romanian is offered as a compulsory course from the second year, as you will need an understanding of the basics of the language to be able to work at the hospital. However, we would like to highlight again that the language of the studies is English.


You can rent a flat in the old town. Prices range approx. between € 50-150 per month. Apart from that, there are student dorms which are even cheaper! We will be happy to help you if you need us to.

We are helping also other German students who begin the same year and will suggest flats. Please contact us for more information.

Living Costs

For students coming from the EU, Cluj-Napoca is much more economical than their homeland. Of course, this also depends on the lifestyle of the student. Our experience tells us that an average student spends between € 350 and € 600 per month. Remember that the university cafeterias and the Mensa offer quality food for little money.

Public transportation ticket (one direction) € 0.40
A cup of coffee € 1
Alcoholic drinks € 1-1.50
A pack of cigarettes € 1.50
A drink from a vending machine € 0.30
Newspaper € 0.50
Cinema ticket € 3
Flight to Bucharest € 70

Leisure Time

The city offers a huge variety of activities, such as cinema, theatre, discos, bars, shopping centres, museums and sports facilities. The city has more to offer than necessary for daily life.

The most popular places among students to go out are: La Gaceta, Crema, Obsesión and Oscar Corvinus.

The nightlife is waiting for you with open arms!

The surrounding castles and palaces are very exciting, as for example Dracula’s castle Bran.

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