General Information – Medical University Białystok

Degrees: Medicine
Place: Bialystok, Poland
Language: English
Application Procedure: MSA Application Procedure + Aptitude Interview
Recognition: EU-wide recognition – also in Germany


Medicine in English:
The study of medicine in Białystok will last 6 years and – already from the first year of studies – you will gather clinical experience. During your studies, you will get a theoretical and practical insight of all disciplines of medicine, so that you will be able to build up a broad knowledge in all fields during your academic years, which can be extend more and more. In doing so, you have to take certain predetermined courses that you have to take, but can also take some courses that you can choose by yourself, in order to deepen your own interests in certain fields.


The Medical University is located directly in the center of Białystok, a city with almost 300.000 inhabitants, so that everything you need is within walking distance. Of course there is also public transportation available. The university and the medical faculty are located in the “Branicki Palace”, an impressive baroque building, which is also a very famous sight of the city.

Application procedure:

In order to be admitted study course of medicine at the MU Białystok, you have to pass the MSA application procedure, which includes an aptitude interview.  For further information about the admission procedure, click here.