University of Zagreb – School of Medicine

  • University of Zagreb – School of Medicine


General Information – University of Zagreb – School of Medicine

Degrees: Medicine
Place: Zagreb, Croatia
Language: English
Admission Procedure: Admission test (MSA will provide learning material)
Recognition: EU-wide recognition – also in Germany


Medicine: Do you want a degree in Medicine in one of the most culturally diverse countries in southeastern Europe to be your next step up the career ladder? If so, you have the opportunity to study an excellent 6-year Medicine degree at the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb, which will be completed with the doctor title. The largest faculty of Medicine in the country offers you the possibility to take this degree, internationally recognised in the USA (USMLE) and Europe. First, the students are taught basic principles, which will be used later, in the clinical phase. The School of Medicine looks back on a long tradition in the education of foreign students. Since 2003, it has offered the degree in Medicine completely in English.

Location and Surroundings:

The School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb lies in the city centre, close to the Ribnjak Parks. Studying Medicine in the Croatian capital Zagreb is a wonderful opportunity to discover one of the most heterogeneous European cultures. With more than 800,000 inhabitants, Zagreb is located in the northwest of Croatia, directly on the Medvednica mountain range. Zagreb is the biggest city in Croatia and also its political and economic centre. Despite the quick economic growth, the city has been able to maintain its unique beauty and its relaxed, breezy atmosphere. The handmade façades of the buildings from the 19th century are very much alike those in the most beautiful European cities: Vienna, Prague or Budapest. Zagreb has maintained the charm of an old European town, although it is an international major city.

Application Procedure:

In order to be admitted at the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb you have to pass an entrance examination. The necessary learning material is prepared by MSA. The written admission test comprises 40 multiple-choice questions from the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At the end there will be an interview which is usually very general. During the interview, the results of the test will be communicated to the candidates.