General Information – Medical University Varna

Degrees: Medicine, Dental Medicine
Place: Varna, Bulgaria
Language: English
Application procedure: Admission test, learning material will be provided by MSA.
Recognition: EU-wide recognition – also in Germany


Medicine: The Medical Faculty is the largest Faculty of the MU Varna. Here, students are educated to become highly qualified doctors and receive their degree as Master and Doctor of Medicine. It is possible to train for professional specialisation, as well as for postgraduate degrees. More than 1,300 international students studied at the university in 2017/2018, of whom more than 700 are from Germany. The MU Varna is very happy about its growing popularity among international students. The duration of the studies is 6 years.

Dental Medicine: The Faculty of Dental Medicine was founded in the year 2006. The Faculty educates students to become highly-qualified dentists. Also, specialist subject knowledge is transmitted to both postgraduate students and PhD graduate students. A new, completely equipped building was finished in 2008, in order to offer the students first-class practical and theoretical education. The duration of the studies is 6 years.


Varna is, after Sofia and Plovdiv, the third largest city in Bulgaria, with 335,000 inhabitants. It is the most important Bulgarian port city on the Black Sea. It is not surprising that Varna is often called the “traditional capital of Bulgaria”, inasmuch as one of the most important centres of transport is to be found here. Varna has an international airport, in addition to one of the greatest ports in Bulgaria. Furthermore, the city is an extremely popular tourist destination for tourists from the whole world thanks to its warm climate and its long sand beach.

Application process:

If you want to ensure a study place for 2019, the MU Varna offers you the best possibilities. In order to be able to study at the MU Varna, you have to pass an admission examination. The test comprises the subjects English, Biology and Chemistry. MSA provides to all its candidates enough learning material, as well as template exams. You will receive more information about the application process here: Application process.


Our admission rate:

Since 2013, an average of 95% of our MSA candidates received a study slot at the MU Varna.