Study Medicine in English

You want to study Medicine, but you still have some doubts?

For example: Which university should I choose? Are my grades good enough? What options do I have if they are not? Do I have to choose a similar degree? What will my future be like in that case? Do I have good job prospects? Can I specialise in my branch of choice? Can I study abroad?.That’s why we would like to suggest the following question:

Why not study
Medicine in English?

If you ask yourself this question and think about it, it can help to take away your doubts and fears. Medicine studies in English are the right choice to do what you have always dreamed of. English will open you the doors to every European hospital and also some hospitals in the USA, where you can make much more money. If you are interested in research, you can publish your results in English and participate in international conferences. You can also decide later on your career, as English is the language of Medicine.


Cut-off mark

Let’s first take a look at the current market in Germany. In order to begin a degree you need a cut-off mark of 1.2 or better. However, the majority of German students do not make it. That’s why you should choose a University that does not require any specific cut-off mark, so we offer you this alternative.


Guaranteed return to Germany

You are guaranteed a successful career if you complete a degree in Medicine. You have the best job prospects, compared to other work fields. Not even other health care areas can compete. Since the introduction of the Bologna Process, higher education institutions have all a very similar level. Particularly in the EU there is almost no difference in terms of quality and reputation. Thus you will not have any problems in returning to Germany.

English, the language of Medicine

You will speak fluent English, which means that you can apply for any specialisation in any country. If you decide to work in Europe, your specialisation will not depend on the grade of your degree. You will gain truly international experience. You will learn to know new cultures and people, and to appreciate other ideas and suggestions. Through globalisation, cultures are mixing more and more. If you study abroad, you will encounter this phenomenon and learn to handle it. Most students are open to entirely different views and ideas by experience. That is where personality grows. As not all is about studying, you will meet many new people from different countries. You can combine this with your degree and your social life. This is an experience that you will not forget in your entire life! Universities will provide the best conditions and material needed for the degree – both in praxis and in theory. In addition, they offer outstanding teaching systems, modern facilities and staff. If you have always wanted to begin this fascinating degree, we can help you!

Do you have questions about studying medicine in English?

We have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions for you here.

1. Why study Medicine in English?
In order to have realistic chances to study medicine in Germany, an average of 1,2 in the high school diploma is required. If you decide to study medicine abroad in English, you either do not need any NC at all, or a lower average is sufficient. The required average depends on the University abroad, each of them has different requirements. However, most Universities put the main focus on an entrance interview and a placement test, where your medical knowledge will be tested. In some cases, some additional questions related to the science subjects from your last years of highschool can be asked.
Besides a few exceptions, all our study programs are being taught in the most important language of the world – in English! Within the area of medicine, this is an important benefit for the students, as most of the medical literature and congresses are in English.
Your language level will be tested during the entrance exam and the interview. Some universities require that English was one of the subjects of graduation. In some cases a B2 language certificate might be required. We always ensure that we treat every candidate’s profile individually and find the right university with the right requirements.
We can give you a clear answer – YES! Thanks to the bologna process, which is valid in whole Europe, you can easily return after your studies to Germany. All our universities are in the European Union, are state approved, accredited and conform with Bologna. Therefore, a year abroad or a switch to a different University is basically possible due to the ECTS system. Thanks to the EU-professional recognition directive, a finished medical degree offers many career possibilities and future perspectives.
2. Your life abroad
Thanks to the high standard of our partner universities, you will receive an extensive care provided by competent teaching staff and modern study materials. Whenever you have any questions or need help, our MSA-Team is happy to help you. Before you start with your studies, you do not need to worry about anything, because we will help you to find the right flat and entry to the country. You also have the possibility to meet other students beforehand, that will start at your University through MSA. We support you in realizing your dream of studying medicine in English!
With a high level of English, you have a wide variety of career possibilities in many countries and for different medical specializations. Studying medicine in English will also help you, to gain international experience and intercultural competences. Besides learning the theoretical knowledge of the study content, you will also be exposed to a lot of practical experience, which helps you to be prepared after your studies for a successful career as a doctor. This unique study experience is giving you the opportunity to learn new cultures and new ways of life, which will help you to widen your personal horizon. Therefore, studying medicine in English abroad is a true enrichment for the personal and social life of any student!