Study Medicine in Cyprus

Study medicine in Cyprus

Why study Medicine in Cyprus?

There is a variety of reasons that militate for a medical training in Cyprus, some of them are very obvious, for example the consistently great weather and the advantage to study in a beautiful vacation country within the Mediterranean Sea with scenic sand beaches and crystal clear water. You will easily manage to get along in the very European-like Cyprus, because it is well adapted for tourists, so that the basic conditions for beginning a study are optimal. Not least because you can get along with English very easily, even in the non-university sphere, so that communication is not a problem, until you master the local language.

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, in which the European University Cyprus is located, forms the educational center of the country and attracts a range of students from all over the world every year, who are making the country an international and multicultural experience. The EUC has a great prestige across the globe and enjoys an excellent reputation, especially for its medical faculty. The study course is designed to fit the demands and expectations of the students, who are being trained to become highly qualified physicians, at the EUC. Beyond that, the university participates in the ERASMUS+ Program and is therefore cooperating with 24 EU states and promotes the mobility of the students, who are educated to be international physicians, specifically.

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