General Information – Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Degrees: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine
Place: Kaunas, Lithuania
Language: English
Application procedure: Admission test, learning material will be provided.
Recognition: EU-wide recognition – also in Germany
Our admission rate: Almost 100% over the last 3 years.


Medicine: The medical studies at the Lithuanian University of Health and Sciences are based on the principles of “Problem-based Learning”, which presents realistic situations and clinical pictures –  not only the theoretical concepts. Courses are taught in intensive blocks. With this method, the University aims to reach a higher success rate than other universities which have not established this concept yet. This means that the tests do not all take place at the same time, but are distributed throughout the year – directly after finishing each block.
The duration of the studies is 6 years.
The academic year begins every year around the 1st of September.

Dentistry: The dentistry subject was offered for the first time in 1992 in Kaunas. The internationalization of this subject has never stopped since. The dentistry subject is offered completely in English, and it is known internationally for diverse new dental treatments.
The duration of the studies is 5 years. Beginning: Every year around the 1st of September.

Veterinary Medicine: The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas also offers studies in English in the field of veterinary medicine. With their own veterinary clinic, the university offers an ideal, international beginning in the field of veterinary medicine for all those who would like to receive a practice-oriented education in an international atmosphere.
The duration of the studies is 6 years. Beginning: Every year around the 1st of September.


The city of Kaunas is the second biggest city in Lithuania, but the most important, and it counts 300,000 inhabitants. There is a big international airport with several routes to Germany. Alternatively, it is also possible to travel through Vilnius. The road “Via Baltica” (E-68), which connects Warsaw – Riga – Helsinki, goes through the city. Kaunas is a trade, industry, and service centre.

Admission procedure:

The admission at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences takes place after an aptitude test and a subsequent interview. But do not be afraid: The test is not difficult, which is proved by the high admission rate. All necessary learning material is provided by MSA. With a little preparation, this obstacle can easily be overcome. The written admission test comprises 30 multiple-choice questions from the following subjects: Biology and Chemistry. An interview will follow. It is usually kept very general. During this conversation, the candidates will be told the results of their written test.

Our admission rate:

Almost 100% of our applicants passed the first test of LHUS in April 2013 and were admitted into Medicine or Odontology studies. With our help, you should have no problem to pass the admission test. Given the high admission rate, you will of course find many other German students at the LUHS.

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