General Information – University of Latvia

Degrees: Medicine, Dentistry
Place: Riga, Latvia
Language: English
Application Procedure: MSA-application procedure
Recognition: EU-wide recognition – also in Germany

Information About the University:

The University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitate) is the oldest and biggest university in Latvia. 28,000 prospective academics study there. The university’s history reaches back to 1862. From then on, it developed into one of the best and most popular universities in Europe. The university has 13 faculties, which cover a great number of study areas: natural sciences, humanities, law, business sciences, art and theology. This diversified offer makes the university environment exciting and rich in variety.


Medicine: The medicine study course at the University of Latvia lasts 6 years. It is optimally adapted to the EU-standards. It is a full-time study course, with lessons conducted in English, which will form highly qualified doctors out of the students, who can practice in the most diverse areas, after they acquired their degree. The study course is practice-oriented and the courses take place in relatively small groups. The medical practitioners have the possibility to specialize in the research area, but also in a doctor’s office or in a hospital, after their studies.

Dentistry: The dentistry study course at the University of Latvia lasts 5 years. It is taught in English and a full-time study course. Besides general medical subjects, that the students have to take at the beginning of their studies, all specialized disciplines of dentistry are taught. The participants have excellent job prospects and can work in research, a dental clinic or in a private doctor’s office. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to take part in additional training.


Riga is the capital of Latvia and has about 700,000 inhabitants. Hence, Riga is the biggest city of the Baltic countries and the biggest metropolitan area, within the three Baltic states. The city itself was founded in 1150. This longtime history can still be recognized in some architectural buildings. The cityscape is characterized by many historical buildings and monuments. Since 1997, Riga is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Application Procedure:

In order to study at the University of Latvia, you have to take part in the MSA-application procedure. An admission exam is not necessary.