General Information – Wenzhou Medical University and Medical University of Lublin

Degree Program: Medicine
Location: Wenzhou, China & Lublin, Poland
Language: English
Application Procedure: Admission exam
Recognition: EU-wide recognition – also in Germany

Degree Program:

Medicine: At the Wenzhou Medical University in China and the Medical University of Lublin, you have the unique opportunity to acquire a so called “Dual Medical Degree”. This means, you will get two different academic titles at the end of studies. All in all, the medical degree takes 6 years. The first year of studies is going to take place in China at the Wenzhou Medical University. In the following years (2-4) you are going to study at the Medical University of Lublin in Poland. The clinical training (year 5 and 6) will then again take place at a Wenzhou Medical University Hospital. You will complete your studies in China. During the last two years, it is possible to take part in a clinic rotation in den USA and therefore to study in another country.

This English Dual Medical Degree is internationally unique in the field of medicine and offers the most excellent job prospects. At the Wenzhou Medical University, you will acquire the academic title „MBBS“ = Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery and „MD“ = Medical Doctor at the Medical University Lublin. You should not miss this great chance of acquiring this Dual Medical Degree, which can only be taken at this university. MSA is the exclusive representative of this degree program. An application is therefore only possible with MSA!

Surroundings and Location:

The Wenzhou Medical University is based in the east of China in the province Zhejiang. The city of Wenzhou is located in a mountainous region at the Ou Jiang River. The city borders to the East China Sea. The metropolitan area of Wenzhou has more than 9 Million inhabitants and is the economic and cultural capital of Southern Zhejiang. The university itself is located on the outskirts of a big forest park 10 kilometers away from the city center.

The Medical University of Lublin is located in the city center of Lublin in the east of Poland. With approximately 340,000 inhabitants, it is the capital of the Voivodship Lublin and the ninth biggest city of Poland. There are 5 universities, which make the city a university town offering everything students wish for. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is approximately 170 kilometer away.

Application Procedure:

In order to get admission to the Wenzhou Medical University in China and the Medical University in Lublin in Poland and to be entitled to study medicine, you have to take an admission exam. The exam will be conducted in English and will include questions that are relevant for studies from the field of natural sciences. All MSA applicants will get learning material for this, in order to be prepared for the exam in the best possible way.