Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University

  • Medizinische Fakultät der Masaryk Universität

    Brno city overview
    Brno city overview

General Information – Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University

Degrees: Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy
Place: Brno, Czech Republic
Language: English
Application procedure: Admission test, learning material will be provided
Recognition: EU-wide recognition – also in Germany


Medicine: Studying at the medical faculty of the Masaryk University means, to lay the foundation for a successful medical career in one of the internationally most recognized faculties. The study of medicine lasts 6 years. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the MU is the university campus, which has been constructed in 2010. You will study medicine in these magnificent facilities under the best circumstances and the newest technologies and infrastructures. The remarkable facilities have been awarded with several quality awards.

Dentistry: The studies of dentistry last 5 years. In the first two years of the study course, profound courses in preclinical dentistry, along with theoretical general medicine courses are attended. The third year comprises the preclinical general medicine courses. From the 5th semester on, the intensive and specialized seminars for the dentistry courses begin. After five years, the students are qualified in order to practice in all fields of dentistry.

Physiotherapy: The internationally recognized studies of physiotherapy are also conducted in English. The duration of study amounts to three years and at the end the students will get a bachelor degree in physiotherapy. The bachelor study course physiotherapy contains theoretical but also practically orientated components. It offers a variety of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the students, which prepare for professional autonomy and outstanding achievements in the clinical practice very well.


The Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk is located in Brno, which is the second biggest and most important city in the Czech Republic, after the capital Prague. Brno is a historical city and a centre for culture, economy and administration for the Moravia region. The international airport offers regular connections with all important European hubs. It is also possible to fly to Prague and reach Brno comfortably with the train.

Admission Procedure:

In order to be able to register at the Masaryk University for the degree in Medicine, as an applicant you have to pass an admission test. This test has multiple-choice questions form the following fields: Biology, Chemistry and either Mathematics or Physics (the student can choose). If you are going to take part in the MSA admission test, MSA will provide you with enough learning material, so you are able to prepare optimally.

The dates for the admission test for Masaryk University are here: Dates