General Information – Comenius University Bratislava

Degrees: Medicine, dentistry
Place: Bratislava, Slovakia
Language: English
Application Procedure: Admission exam
Recognition: EU-wide recognition – also in Germany


Medicine: The study of medicine offers a thorough education in the natural sciences, based on humans and ethics. The education comprises theoretical essentials of the anatomical structure of the organism and their physiological functions. The further lessons are based on this foundation, which approach etiology, pathogenesis of pathological diseases and their treatment. The training is being completed by diagnostics, differential diagnostics and therapy and prevention of diseases. The study at the Comenius University thus mediates solid theoretical and practical knowledge, in order to learn medical thinking and to specialize after studies. As early as the third year, the practical units will begin, where you can apply your theoretically learned knowledge.

Dentistry: The study of dentistry comprises the fields of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of diseases, which concern the oral cavity and the teeth. Especially caries and periodontal diseases, the most frequent chronic diseases, and their complications are being covered. Beyond that, the students will get to know other diseases, which concern the oral cavity and the jawbone. Additionally, a thorough basis of general medicine is being mediated, because it is of elementary importance for the disease prevention. Also in this study course the practical part begins in the third academic year, so that you can apply and practice the theoretical learned content.


The Comenius University Bratislava is located in the historical part of the city in the center of Bratislava. The Danube, which is flowing through the city, is only 50 meters away from the university’s main building. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and with 420.000 inhabitants also the biggest city of the country. The Austrian Border is only 5 kilometers away from Bratislava, Vienna only 55 kilometers. Thus, Bratislava is a very recommendable city for everyone, because you can visit many different cities.

Application Procedure:

The study courses of medicine and dentistry at the Comenius University Bratislava underlie an admission exam. All exam parts are taking place in English. More information about the admission procedure and the admission exam can be found here.