Pre-Medical Course

Our 3-week MSA Academy Pre-Medical Course offers you the opportunity to acquire an immense amount of scientific knowledge within a short period of time. At the same time, you will consolidate your previous knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics.

In biology, for example, cell biology, anatomy and physiology are covered. In chemistry general chemistry, organic chemistry and basics of biochemistry are among the topics discussed in class. In physics, the topics include mechanics, electricity and optics.

Our internationally renowned experts consist of professors, doctors, teachers, chemists, physicists and biologists. They will provide you with substantial knowledge in their respective fields. Through multiple-choice tests, which take place at the end of each week, you can regularly check your current level of proficiency. At the end of the 3-week program you will receive a course certificate, the acquisition of which will immensely increase your chances of acceptance at European universities.

Since basic scientific knowledge is the foundation of successful medical studies, our Pre-Medical Course paves the way for this. So be proactive and take your chance on one of the sought-after places!

Another date will be announced soon.


Overview of your benefits

 Learn as much as possible in the shortest time possible

 Learn new information while deepening preexisting knowledge

 Subjects: biology, chemistry and physics

 Highly qualified international lecturers

 Control yourself with weekly multiple-choice tests

 Multiply your chances of getting a place at university

 Receive your course certificate

 Lessons in English

 Partial booking possible


COURSE CONTENTS biology, chemistry, physics
LANGUAGE lessons in English
PERIOD September
TYPE crash course
PARTICIPANT PLACES small groups (max. 25 places)
PRICE 2.900 €

MSA Academy Adviser:

Sarah Matzenbacher
+49 (0) 5151 60969-1353