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Medical Faculty of Cluj-Napoca

Degree in Medicine in Cluj-Napoca

The Medical Faculty introduced new degrees in 1997 – apart from the Medicine studies in Romanian, it is also possible to study it in English and French. They were added in order to attract international students and to adjust the University to the European standard. This objective was achieved, and with the Romanian entry into the EU, Cluj-Napoca became more tempting. Right now there are more than 1,000 students from 25 countries. That is about 30% of the registered students.

Apart from that, 586 professors and tutors teach actively. Apart from a Bachelor and a Master’s degree, it is also possible to specialise and write here a PhD.

Medicine in Cluj-Napoca

The University has experienced a dynamic change since the 1990s. There was an increase in the number of students, faculties, buildings and employees. With it also came a modernisation of the entire campus.

Theoretical lectures take place at the Faculty’s buildings, while practical aspects are put into practice at the university clinics. In addition, there are other active departments in the Faculty. These departments work, among others, in the fields of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, as well as Psychology. Many employees are members of medical cooperation groups and research societies (CNCSIS, CNFIS, CNACTDU).