General Information- Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

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Degree Program: Veterinary Medicine
Location: Jelgava, Latvia
Language: English
Application Procedure: Admission exam
Recognition: EU-wide recognition – also in Germany

Degree Program:

Veterinary Medicine: As a student of veterinary medicine, you will learn everything for your future profession as a veterinarian: the structure and function of healthy and diseased animal bodies, the species-appropriate husbandry, the reproduction, the hygiene and feeding, the behavior and protection of animals and the causes, diagnosis and effects of diseases.

Of course, while learning these things, the treatment and prophylaxis of diseases will always be the focus of the training, which everything else aims at. Additionally, the university teaches the students to take care of ethical but also economical needs of the animals and their owners. Another part of the studies is concerned with the food hygiene and the control of food products.

After the successful completion of the degree, students can open their own doctor’s office or work in other areas that are concerned with veterinary medicine. Alumni of the basic studies can also take their doctorate at the university in the veterinary medicine doctoral program of the faculty.

If you choose to study at the LLU, you will get a holistic training – with many practical classes in a modern environment – by very experienced professors. Beyond that, the university always has state-of-the-art medical technology.

Surroundings and Location:

The City Jelgava, about 40 kilometers away from the Latvian capital Riga, has about 61,500 inhabitants and is located in the “Zemgale” region. Jelgava is traversed by the river Lielupe and offers – thanks to the city being built on a fertile tier – many green spaces. Therefore, the city is also considered as the greenest city of Latvia. The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies is located in a palace, directly at the margins of the city center at the Lielupe riverbed. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

is approx. 2 kilometers away from the main building.

Application Procedure:

In order to be admitted to the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies and to study veterinary medicine there, you have to take an English admission exam, which consists of questions from the field of biology. All MSA applicants will get the needed learning material, in order to prepare for the exam in the best possible way..