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University of Pécs Prüfung

On May 26th and June 18th, this year’s admission exams for the University of Pécs are taking place in Germany and Spain. We want to take this as a reason to introduce the university and its international degree programs to you. Did you know that you can study medicine, dentistry, psychology and pharmacy in English at the university?

The University of Pécs

The University of Pécs is with 20,000 students, 1,600 academics and 10 faculties is one of the biggest and important universities throughout Hungary. The roots of the university go back to 1367, so that the university celebrates its 650th anniversary this year. It is therefore the oldest university of Hungary. Its reputation as an excellent higher education institution, especially for the medical degrees, goes beyond Hungary’s borders. This is one of the reasons, why students and researchers from 80 different countries visit university in order to study and research there. In the following video, you can get to know the university:


International Degree Programs

At the university of Pécs, you can study medicine, dentistry, psychology and pharmacy in English! We especially want to point to the degree program of psychology today. The program of psychology at the University of Pécs has a length of 3 years (6 Semesters). At the end of studies, graduates will get the academic title “Bachlor of Arts in Psychology”. When you have obtained this degree, you can further specialize and then take up a career in the fields of clinic, counselling, education, forensics, health and occupational psychology or in many other fields.

More information about the offered degree programs here

The City of Pécs

Pécs in Hungary has about 145,000 inhabitants. It is the fifth largest city throughout Hungary and is located near the Croatian border in the south of the country. Due to many old buildings and monuments, the city has a very special and Mediterranean charm. Beyond that, Pécs was the “European Capital of Culture 2010”. Thanks to many – international – students, Pécs developed into a very active student city within the last few years. Within the city, you can do a lot of things with your fellow students and friends. Beyond that, the university offers a three-day university festival with a lot of artists. Here you can watch a viedo about the city of Pécs the university festival aftermovie of 2016:





If you are interested in the University of Pécs, please contact our study advisors. They will give you more detailed information about the university and the international degree programs.

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