Study Psychology at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and at the University of Pécs!

General Information on Psychology Studies

As a psychologist you will help people and treat their psychological illnesses, which have become more and more common with the passing of time. During these studies the main emphasis of the taught knowledge will be put on the issues of human behaviour and its consequences for other people. Psychology studies are therefore much more than the analysis of psychological illnesses, but you will also be able to understand yourself better and to understand complex psychological processes. The variety of this field enables you to become a psychologist and to work in other fields related to psychology.

Where Can I Study Psychology?

MSA offers you to study Psychology at the Universidad Europea de Madrid in Valencia, Spain, and at the University of Pécs in Hungary.


What Type of Course Structure Will the Study Course Have?

You will acquire a very sound basis and will have the possibility to take your courses in English, which are internationally recognized. Modern teaching methods will be combined with traditional ones, in order to secure high teaching standards. The aim of the degree is not only to obtain a broad specialized knowledge but also to develop your own personality. That makes Psychology studies an especially popular option.

Which Career Opportunities Do I Have?

Studying psychology offers you many job possibilities. During your studies you will be able to work under a psychological environment and practice routine psychological work. In addition, different possibilities at the labour market enable to widen your acquired knowledge so you can become a specialist. You can choose from many different sectors: assistance, forensic, counselling, freelance, research or crisis management.


Study Psychology at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and at the University of Pécs!