Study Human Medicine at the Best European Universities!

General Information on Human Medicine Studies

Medicine is a very wide field, in which we can distinguish many different sections. It deals both with diagnosis and treatment, but also with disease prevention. Medical studies or rather Human Medicine is the science which deals with ill and healthy people. Studying medicine allows you to find out what you need to know about human illnesses and their healing.

During your medical studies you will have to tackle different situations and symptoms of people. Therefore, prevention, recognition and treatment are very important factors to secure the patient’s health. Studying medicine means to be able to recognize symptoms, soothe and heal pain and work towards the prevention of diseases.[/su_spoiler]

Where Can I Study Human Medicine?

MSA offers you different European Universities to undertake your medical studies. You can study in Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Poland and Cyprus.


Which Career Opportunities Do I Have?

Most of the graduates in Medicine work as doctors. As a general practitioner you will be able to work in hospitals or private clinics, in order to provide people with a better quality of life. Studying Medicine offers you, however, many more career opportunities, such as working in management or research fields or as a management consultant. You can also course a speciality and continue your studies in Pathology, Forensic or Psychiatry, for instance.

Which Academic Title Will I Hold at the End of My Studies?

It will depend on whether it is a Degree or a Master. The 6-year-degree ends with a certificate recognized in all Europe, although it will be called differently depending on the country. Apart from Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of General Medicine, there is also the designation of Medical Doctor (M.D.), which is equivalent to MUDr, the Latin name for Doctor. In addition, in Romania and Bulgaria you will obtain the Doctor certificate once you complete your master studies, which corresponds to Medical Doctor. In the following chart you can have a look at the different academic titles from each university.

Study Human Medicine at the Best European Universities!