Study Dentistry in English Abroad!

General Information on Dentistry Studies

Dentistry is the science which deals with the healing of oral diseases. These studies are specially known for their practical orientation. Already in the first years, the students will be able to undertake simulation exercises and take part in the work performed at the Dental Clinics of the Universities. Moreover, the acquired abilities will be put into practice through internships so that the students can develop and strengthen their skills.

Studying at the MSA partner Dentistry Universities enables you to become a dentist, to heal dental illnesses and to deal with surgical interventions. This field comprises, for example, prophylaxis through oral hygiene, as well as the diagnosis and the subsequent illness treatment. The aim of Dentistry studies is to offer the student a practical training.  For this, the latest techniques will be offered to our students as well as the newest teaching methods in the field of Dentistry. You have the option to study Dentistry in English or in French. At this moment we offer 7 different countries in which you can take your studies with duration of 5-6 years.

Where Can I Study Dentistry?

MSA gives you the opportunity to study Dentistry at different European universities.  You can undertake these studies in Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia and Poland,


Which Type of Course Structure Will the Study Course Have?

During the Dentistry studies, the students are able to learn how to recognize symptoms and illnesses and apply possible prevention measures. Studying Dentistry means to focus on the mouth and its surroundings as well as to face ethic and legal aspects. Another important issue within Dentistry studies is the consideration of social effects and illness causes, which may influence negatively on teeth’s health and the overall well-being of the patient.

Which Career Opportunities Do I Have?

As a Dentist, you can work in hospitals or public institutions as well as at the pharmaceutical industry and biomedical engineering. Dentists do not only work in private clinics, but they can also be found in public services or within the research field.

Study Dentistry in English Abroad!