UP Faculty of Psychology

The History of the UP faculty of psychology dates back to the year 1833, when the bishop Ignác Szepessy founded the Academy of the University of Pécs for Law and Humanities. The faculty exsists in its present form since 1992. The UP faculty of psychology offers traditional as well as modern courses.

The UP faculty of psychology is distributed in different buildings throughout the city. The main building of the faculty is located on the main campus, near with the botanical garden. The psychology degree is entirely conducted in English for international students. The amount of international relations enables many students to study abroad and to maintain a network of cooperation programs. The programs of the UP faculty of psychology are extremely varied and they include also courses such as Hungarian as a foreign language.

The psychological studies at the UP faculty of psychology are interesting, exciting and demanding. Apart from the exploration of the human behavior, psychology is a mixture of different disciplines of natural sciences, because a psychologist needs to know how the human body works. A psychologist needs to recognize psychosomatic signs or physical symptoms and differentiate them from psychological symptoms. Other social disciplines are also engaged with this degree. Everything that may influence our psyche – and this is a lot – plays a role here. Hence, psychology is a very complex and interesting area of studies.

In the last years, the demand of psychological studies has increased at the UP faculty of psychology. With the Bachelor you are qualified to work in different fields, such as psychological counseling, economic psychology or clinical psychology. Alternatively, you can take a master’s degree afterwards. Thanks to the adaptation to the Bologna process, you can do it in many different countries.

In the first academic year, students will not only widen their knowledge regarding the human psyche and examine its different aspects, but they will also learn the scientific work, because throughout the degree, the students will need to actively take part in research projects. Scientific works are an important part within this bachelor degree.

Research also has a very high value. At the UP faculty of psychology there are different research projects, which are carried out in cooperation with other Hungarian universities. Currently, there are very close connections and constant contacts with other disciplines related to psychology, such as medicine.