Values, Vision and Mission

The CEU Valencia places a special value in quality assurance, which is why the degrees at the CEU are constantly assessed and updated. In addition, the staff is actively assessed. This makes the CEU one of the top universities which offers a degree in Medicine in English to its international students. An important point the University likes to emphasise are the small learning groups for all degrees. In particular, groups for practical training have to be kept small, in order to guarantee a deep insight into practical work and achieve greater teaching efficacy. This enables teachers to be always at their students’ disposal and a greater support from professors and tutors. The professors advise students at all times during their education. At the CEU, the tutoring system is unique.

Once their studies are completed, the students will not only have acquired expert knowledge in a specific field, but will have also learned a different culture. The objective of the University is not only to improve the English skills of the students: speaking Spanish is also decisive. The CEU is aware that the students find themselves suddenly starting anew in a different city and culture, as well as coping with a different learning method. That is why the university also makes sure that the students are feeling fine and are adjusting well to their new environment.

The CEU sees multiculturalism as an enriching factor of higher education culture. The internationalisation of the CEU is one of the main objectives of the University. It supports exchange programmes both for the students and the staff, as well as cooperation agreements with other universities. The University focuses on the future employability of its graduates by teaching not only theoretical knowledge, but also a considerable know-how and practical experience.


Education at CEU goes well beyond what is taught in the lecture halls. The CEU aims to prepare students for any conceivable future situation. A deep knowledge about their field of expertise and the necessary means for their future profession are transmitted to the students.