Faculty of Pharmacy

Official qualification: Pharmacy
Duration: 5 years
Suitable to: Those students who would like to work as health specialists within the medical area of studies.
Languages: English
Location: Campus Valencia

The degree in Pharmacy at the CEU University (Universidad Cardenal Herrera) in Valencia lasts 5 years. It stands out due to its special practical orientation. The studies are very good structured and aim to achieve several objectives. As a student you will learn about all the scientific aspects related to the pharmaceutical field. You will acquire sound knowledge on the effect, composition, development, test, production and handing of drugs. For this, you will need to study Chemistry, Biology and Physics which, together with other specialized subjects, will make you a highly qualified pharmacist. This interaction of different competences is precisely what makes Pharmacy studies at CEU Cardenal Herrera in Valencia different from other universities. For instance, during your studies you will have the opportunity to work in the “simulated Pharmacy” of the hospital, where you will have to deal with real patients. The patient-pharmacist relationship and the right treatment to the patient are also very important points during the degree. Regarding this aspect, you will learn about ethical questions, your role and your responsibility as a pharmacist.

Pharmazeutische Fakultät CEU

By facing real problems you will be optimally prepared for the daily work routine. In addition, the degree also provides you with knowledge on the management and organisation fields. Therefore, this is an excellent way to start your career as a pharmacist. The CEU – Universidad Cardenal Herrera Valencia has been offering the Pharmacy degree for over 40 years. A long period in which the university has managed to developed and structure a perfect course of study.