Reasons for Studying at the CEU

  • The CEU belongs to one of the most renowned universities and it is one of the most solid educational facilities.
  • At the CEU, there are both excellent personal support and excellent education. The University is committed to the integral education of the students. Personalised teaching is regarded as the key to success. At the CEU there is a group of specialised staff, psychologists and pedagogues who advise students about personal, professional and academic situations. That means their work does not relate only to your studies and organisation, but also to personal situations.
  • The focus is not only on the practical training of students, but also on improving their level of maturity. Responsibility and competence are taught along with practical experience.
  • The University has partnerships with more than 250 European universities.
  • The outstanding facilities and the equipment enable the students to receive a very high education level.
  • National and international students are given equal treatment. The students are offered special programmes, carefully designed to meet their needs.
  • Research is written in capital letters at the CEU. With more than 40 projects and 1.3 million euros in investments, the CEU is a clear example of scientific excellence.
  • The University continuously organises cooperation agreements to facilitate the access to the job market.
  • Exchange programmes enable you to gain experience abroad.