Faculty of Dentistry of the CEU

Official qualification: Dentistry
Duration: 5 years
Suitable to: Those students who would like to work in dental clinics and offer high-quality services to their patients.
Languages: English and Spanish
Location: Campus Valencia

The Faculty of Odontology, a part of the Faculty of Health Sciences, is equipped with very modern technology. In particular, the dental clinic at Alfara del Patriarca has equipment of all kinds and the most modern technology. Apart from experiments in labs, the Faculty of Health Sciences offers modern learning facilities, such as classrooms with phantom heads.

The exercises in labs and the phantom heads make this course of studies a very practical one, but this is not all: from the third year, Odontology students will begin to interact with real patients. To complete the studies of Odontology at the CEU gives you the chance to acquire a wide practical knowledge. The combination with intensive tutorship gives the students confidence to put in practice what they have learned.