Student Life in Valencia

The student life in Valencia, Spain, is very lively and can be organized really diversified! Hit the road with your fellow students and enjoy the numerous leisure opportunities together.

As you can see, there is much to discover for you. You should not miss the interesting student life in Valencia on any account. That way, you will also get to know your fellow students and your new friends better.


The official language in Spain is Spanish. The language of instruction at this University is English. The international orientation of the University attracts many foreign students, who mostly speak English. In Valencia you can get by with English and Spanish.


You can fly to Valencia from many important European cities. It is the fastest way to get there. Valencia has an international airport and an extensive motorway network, through which you can reach the most important cities in Spain. Alternatively you can fly to Alicante, situated about 180 km away, and reach Valencia by train in about one hour and a half. With the public transportation system, as for example the Metro, you will easily reach the airport, the beach or the University.


The CEU Valencia does not have its own student dorms. For this reason, as a foreign student it is necessary to rent private accommodation. Accommodation in Valencia costs between 200 and 300 euros. The CEU will help you to search proper accommodation, as they provide a database with possible flats. The CEU has agreements with landlords to offer the students affordable flats. As the CEU is situated a bit further away from Valencia, it is best to find accommodation near the M1 metro line or to go to University by bike. It is up to you whether you prefer to rent accommodation in advance, or you prefer to go to a hotel and find the right place for you once you are there.

Sport & Leisure Time

As one of the most visited towns in Spain, Valencia is a big tourist resort. Directly on the coast, there are many beaches in close proximity to the city, where you can relax by the sea and enjoy the sun or do sports. The climate makes Valencia an ideal place to do water sports. In the former bed of the river Turia you can go jogging or cycling. Valencia offers also a great variety of activities and cultural events, such as triathlons, marathons and popular runs, as well as many trekking routes.

Culture & Events

Valencia’s long history is still partly visible. Many buildings and other remains from the times of the Moorish and Christian rule are still standing. Valencia also has many theatres, museums, parks, monuments and historical places. Furthermore, the region has monasteries, churches and castles where you can directly live the history and culture of Valencia. There is no lack of entertainment in Valencia. There are many traditional festivals and modern events. The main attraction is the Fallas during the first days of spring.

Other interesting places:

  • La Lonja de la Seda – The Silk Exchange
  • Market hall
  • Torres de Serrans
  • Torres de Quart
  • Catedral
  • City Hall Square
  • City of Arts and Science