Faculty of Medicine of the CEU

Official qualification: Human Medicine
Duration: 6 years
Suitable to: Those students who would like to develop their career in the healthcare field by offering high-quality services to their patients.
Languages: English and Spanish
Location: Campus Moncada-Alfara (Valencia)

The Cardenal Herrera Universidad (CEU) belongs to the Fundación CEU San Pablo, the most important private educational organisation in Spain. This is a non-profit educational foundation and it was founded in the year 1933. The CEU itself was founded in the year 1999. It is officially recognised. The CEU Valencia is one of the top universities in the national ranking.

There are currently more than 600 students at the CEU. Many of the students come from Great Britain, Sweden, Canada, USA or New Zealand. The majority of the international students are studying at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the CEU in the areas of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Odontology or Medicine.

The teaching programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the CEU is distinguished by a multidisciplinary academic background with a focus on scientific inquiry, interdisciplinarity, patient care and integral patient support.