Study Veterinary Medicine at a European University

General Information on Veterinary Medicine Studies

Studying veterinary medicine means to train yourself for a diverse profession and to be able to help animals, regardless if it is in the prevention, healing or nutrition field. Veterinary medicine includes a special wide area of knowledge with many different types of animals on it. Breeding, food security and ethic come together with diagnosis of animal illnesses, animal treatment, appropriate nutrition, hygiene, and illness prevention. At the MSA partner universities, you have the chance to study veterinary medicine abroad in English, in combination with Spanish or Lithuanian.

Learning a foreign language and working with non-local animals is very important at the present time. Studying veterinary medicine at an MSA partner universities will enable you to push on your personal development and to practice in an international environment, as well as to have many career chances.

Where Can I Study Veterinary Medicine?

If you want to study veterinary medicine, MSA offers you the possibility to study at the partner universities Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas, Lithuania, the Latvia University of Agriculture in Jelgava, Latvia, and the Universidad Cardenal Herrera in Valencia, Spain.


Latvia Jelgava Latvia University of Agriculture
Lithuania Kaunas Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Spain Valencia Universidad Cardenal Herrera

What Type of Course Structure Will the Study Course Have?

Studying Veterinary Medicine is aimed at gaining sound abilities by means of intensive preparation and practical experience at animal clinics and labs in order to secure animals health. During your veterinary studies you will take theoretical and practical courses at the veterinary facilities of the university and external institutions. The studies will focus on prophylaxis and treatment of animal illnesses.

Which Career Opportunities Do I Have?

Usually, Veterinary surgeons have excellent career opportunities, since veterinary comprises a wide range of skills. Studying Veterinary Medicine means to have the possibility to work in research, in a zoo, in pharmaceutical animal facilities, in private or public clinics, in the animal nutrition field, in animal care facilities or even in animal hygiene facilities. Zoologists, researchers and veterinary surgeons are only some of the possible professions.

Study Veterinary Medicine at a European University