Study Physiotherapy in Beautiful European Cities!

General Information on Physiotherapy Studies

Studying physiotherapy is aimed at applying your knowledge in order to restore mobility of the human body. The objective of this degree is to make students experts in care and health, so that they can secure the stimulations of body function abilities. Thus, you will carry out diagnostic and therapeutic activities within the secondary care. Moreover, you will acquire social competences which will be essential for the practice of your profession. Physiotherapy studies show you how to treat people and how to soothe their chronic pain through the performance of therapeutic support.

Where Can I Study Physiotherapy?

MSA offers you several European universities in order to study Physiotherapy. You can choose between the University of Debrecen in Debrecen (Hungary), the University of Pécs in Pécs (Hungary) or the Medical Faculty at Masaryk University in Masaryk (Czech Republic).


What Type of Course Structure Will the Study Course Have?

During your Physiotherapy studies you will learn how to identify the causes of pain and body paralysis. If you become physiotherapist, you will learn how to treat the limits of human’s motor system by means of therapeutic exercises and advice. Entering this area of studies means to face issues which allow improving the functions of the organism and securing patient’s health.

Which Career Opportunities Do I Have?

Physiotherapy is much more than rehabilitation: above all, it deals with prevention and diagnosis. English physiotherapy studies offer you an international environment and practical lessons, so that you can prevent, treat and heal illnesses. As a physiotherapist, you can work in private clinics or hospitals, or in the sport, rehabilitation or wellness fields.