Off to the Baltics – Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy at the Riga Stradins University

Off to the Baltics – Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy at the Riga Stradins UniversityThe Baltics are not only known for their wonderful nature and historical towns, but also for its excellent higher education. Especially the international medical degree programs are a highly attractive option for all graduates that cannot get access to medical studies in their home country. Especially popular among our applicants is the Riga Stradins University in Latvia.

At the Riga Stradins University you can study medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. It is the oldest and most traditional university in Latvia. Due to its worldwide excellent renown, the university has many international students.

The degree program of medicine at the RSU Riga has a duration of 6 years. The ECTS system is applied. The course groups in all training areas are deliberately kept small (only 10 students), in order to ensure the highest possible learning success for the students. After the basic studies, graduates can do a master, specialize in a residency – in Latvia or another country – or become an established doctor in their home country.

The five-year degree program of dentistry at the RSU is characterized by a very early practical relevance, since the practical work already begins during the first year of studies at the university. For this, state-of-the-art facilities, interactive technologies and the newest dental working materials are provided. Just like in the field of medicine, the number of students in lectures and in the practical courses is limited to maximally 10 students.

The five-year degree program of pharmacy is offered by the RSU for 90 years now. It already earned the title “Pioneer in the Pharmaceutical Training in Latvia” for this. During the pharmacy studies, the students do not only learn theoretical basics but they also learn how to handle drugs in a responsible way and to develop critical thinking. Understanding biochemical processes in the human body and their changes is – besides the composition and administration of drugs – the core element of the training.

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