Waiting Semesters and Numerus Clausus for Medical Education Rise Again in Winter Semester 15/16


Studying without numerus clausus – this is a long-cherished wish of many high school graduates in Germany and other countries. Just recently, the current limits for the admission of German restricted study courses (waiting semesters and numerus clausus) for the winter semester 15/16 have been published by the “Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung” – and they bode ill for the future of medical students, because the number of waiting semesters and the numerus clausus are increasing further!

In 14 out of 16 states, a numerus clausus of 1,0 applied for the winter semester 15/16, only in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein the current numerus clausus was 1,1. Hence, the numerus clausus has risen, in comparison to the winter semester 14/15, in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg by 0,1 in each case!

But not only has the numerus clausus risen again this year, but also the quote of the waiting semesters. In the winter semester 14/15 the number of waiting semesters amounted to 12 and in the past summer semester 2015 to 13 waiting semesters (average grade 2,0). The current quote of waiting semesters for the winter semester 15/16 amounted to 14 semesters. Here, an average grade of 3,3 has been assumed.

The statistics show: it is unlikely, that the number of waiting semesters or the numerus clausus of the states will decrease in the foreseeable future – quite the contrary! It is even assumed that both factors will constantly increase.

The numerus clausus, resp. the waiting semesters are a main reason, if not THE reason, why many people start to study medicine abroad, because there you can study without admission restrictions (numerus clausus)! Why should you wait many semesters, possibly many years, with a worse average grade of 1,0 or 1,1, when the prevalent numerus clausus in Germany can be easily circumvented?

The current figures can be checked here.

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