Study Human Medicine, Odontology, Veterinary and Pharmacy, LUHS, Kaunas

Apart from the degree in Human Medicine, the renowned Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS) offers the degrees of Odontology, Veterinary and Pharmacy in English as well.

All of these degrees are offered to the international students in the English language. This means that the lectures, as well as the exams, are carried out completely in English.

The LUHS is, with some more than 7000 students, the biggest Lithuanian university that has specialised in research and teaching in the field of health care. In addition, it counts 1300 employees. With more than 140 partner universities worldwide, the LUHS has a number of international connections well above average, which offer each student many opportunities during their education.

As an official representative of the LUHS in Germany, the MSA offers you the opportunity to be a part of these degrees at the admission tests in Hannover:

  • Human Medicine
  • Odontology
  • Veterinary
  • Pharmacy

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Presentation of the LUHS

Study human medicine, odontology, veterinary or pharmacy

Human Medicine

The degree in Medicine takes in approximately 2800 students every year, from which some 450 are international students. The medical faculty is divided in 31 clinical departments and 6 non-clinical departments, and it also runs two separate institutes. The degree in Medicine is offered in 12 semesters and counts 360 ECTS credits. The first semesters of the degree in Medicine are taught at LUHS by using the PBL system (Problem-Based Learning).


The Faculty of Odontology at the LUHS in Kaunas has 5 clinical departments. There is an average of approximately 800 students in this Faculty, among which 150 are international students who study in English. The degree lasts 5 years. It is also possible to specialise afterwards in 3 more years. The offer includes: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Dental Technology, etc.


The Degree in Pharmacy has increased in popularity in the last few years. The Faculty of Pharmacy has 5 clinical departments and its own big, adjoining pharmacy. In autumn 2013, the Faculty of Pharmacy will be moved to a new, bigger building complex, directly on Campus, just beside the Central Library, inaugurated in 2007.

In average, there are approximately 750 students at the same time in this Faculty, from which approximately 25 are international students who are taking their degree in English. The duration of the degree in Pharmacy is 5 years.


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is located on the Veterinary Campus. The Campus is a large area where there are different institutions; for example, clinics for small and large animals, the “Vivarium”, an animal experimentation facility, research institutes in the field of Veterinary, as well as student dorms and areas with sports grounds and facilities. The international degree of Veterinary is offered completely in English and has approximately 1300 students, from which 15 are international. The degree lasts 11 semesters (5,5 years) and has 336 ETCS points.

Apart from the classical degrees, the LUHS offers Bachelor Degrees in Health Sciences, Veterinary Food Sciences, Midwifery and Nursing.

Would you like to make your dreams come true studying at the LUHS? You can be part of an international community at LUHS, independently of your previous school or study performance.

There are only a few places left to take the admission test for LUHS in June 2013 in Hannover. Get advice from one of MSA’s student advisors and apply now for your degree of choice.

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