Faculty of Dentistry of the European University Cyprus

Faculty of Dentistry of the European University CyprusThe faculty of dentistry of the European University Cyprus offers a 5-year degree program of dentistry in English. The classes are taking place in cutting-edge facilities with the latest dental technology and equipment. The dental clinic is a private clinic which directly belongs to the EUC. Within the degree program (theory and practice), students will complete 5000 class hours all in all.

The dentistry degree program at the EUC is highly focused on practicing skills, therefore the students have to take many practical classes – besides learning the scientific and theoretical  basics. The hands-on experience will already start within the 1st academic year!
Since the gathered practical experience is the most important factor for the future career of the students, they will learn how to work professionally and how to work in a team. Beyond that, it is very important for them to learn how to correctly communicate with patients and colleagues.

The faculty of dentistry of the European University Cyprus employs the best dentistry experts of their respective specialty. It is their goal to prepare students for their professional future in such a way, that they will be able to work throughout the EU and in different healthcare system worldwide. Fulfilling this goal is ensured by small study groups that enable the lecturers to work closely together with the students and to thereby give them targeted feedback.

The complete dentistry degree program is based on a European and North American curriculum and comprises the „Update of the Profile and Competences for the Graduating European Dentist” from 2009. The training is therefore officially recognized by the Association of Dental Education in Europe (ADEE).

After studies, you can further specialize or directly enter into the working life (by e.g. opening your own doctor’s office or working in a clinic).