Student Life in Nicosia

The student life in Nicosia, Cyprus, is very lively and can be organized really diversified! Hit the road with your fellow students and enjoy the numerous leisure opportunities together.

As you can see, there is much to discover for you. You should not miss the interesting student life in Nicosia on any account. That way, you will also get to know your fellow students and your new friends better.


The official languages in Cyprus are Greek and Turkish. In the part where the university is located, Greek is spoken. Nevertheless, you can get along with English in the everyday life in Nicosia very well. Many residents speak English, so that there is no language barrier, until you learn the official language. The study course is also proceeding in English.


Nicosia itself does not have an airport, but the very close coastal city of Larnaka (about 50 kilometers south of Nicosia) has an international airport. This airport is approached by many European international airlines. From the airport you can go by bus or taxi to the nearby capital. If you go by taxi, the ride will last about 40 minutes.


Of course there is a dormitory, but for those who do not want to stay there, there is the possibility to rent your own apartment or a room in the city center.
We will help you find the suitable accommodation for you and can also search for roommates among our other applicants for this university, if desired.

Sports & Recreation:

At the EUC, sports have a high status. Besides the fitness and sports center, the university takes part in different competitions and championships, in which the university teams compete with each other. Currently there are university teams for the sports futsal (a variation of indoor soccer), handball, volleyball and basketball.

Going Out/Free Time:

As a university town, the Cypriot capital Nicosia provides a variety of offers in numerous domains. Besides many different and traditional restaurants and a great number of bars, the city has several modern cinemas and shopping malls. Especially in the south part of the city, there is an active cultural life with restaurants and bars. Here you will find the bigger and more modern shops of the city, besides the shopping malls. The district Laikí Jitoniá is mainly adapted for tourists, so you will find everything you need there. If you are interested in culture, you find many traditional shops here, which are scattered all over the historical downtown. For students, who are actively enjoying the nightlife, there are diverse night clubs and bars. All are very close to each other in the city center (north in the Greek part of the city) of Nicosia.