Faculty of Medicine

Degree: Medicine
Duration: 6 years
ECTS: 60 credits per academic year
Suitable for: Students, who want to make a career in healthcare and want to provide their patients a high-quality treatment.
Language: English
Location: EUC Nicosia

The organization of the medical faculty is based on EU guidelines and international standards. It was founded in cooperation with important scholars from Cyprus and abroad. The solid pillars, on which the university stands, are made up of: the teaching staff, the competence and the academic and technical knowledge and the high-tech equipment.

The lessons are conducted in English. In the six years of the medical study, 360 ECTS have to be reached in order to graduate. The medical faculty is characterized by a dynamic learning environment, which enables the students to acquire the needed competences and features that are demanded in order to practice medicine in the future.

The study syllabus is based on skills-based learning. The students will get in touch with clinical work experience and issues from the first year of studies onwards. The practical approach will be maintained during the whole six years.

The medical faculty serves regional as an educational and medical platform, which offers a high quality of education in medicine and in healthcare. Here the international students, which come from all parts of the world, are in the main focus, besides the local students from Cyprus. This is why the training model has the special goal, to enable the students to work everywhere within the EU and in other international healthcare systems. In order to reach this goal, the students are being equipped with traditional features, but also with the newest standard of knowledge and advanced competences.

To accomplish this, the students will have contact to local patients, at private and public hospitals in Cyprus, so that the clinical education enriches and accompanies the study course from the beginning on.