Values, Vision an Objectives


Educate our students, for successful careers and life achievement
Understand and serve the needs of our society
Create knowledge, through research and innovation

The European University Cyprus is one of the leading institutions in the field of higher education. The university is privately owned and enjoys global prestige and an outstanding reputation for excellent tuition, in connection with innovation and research. The EUC offers a varied and broad training, which aims to meet the student’s personal, academic and professional needs and expectations. The university presents an access to high-class, innovative higher education.

The university dedicated itself to the mission, to prepare students for a successful career and successes in their future life, to recognize and answer the needs of the students and to encourage knowledge through research and innovation.

The university is a member of the Laureate International Universities. This network, with more than 75 universities worldwide, is committed to the goal, to enable students to become current and future leaders and to support them of this way.

The new campus of the European University Cyprus, with its many new extensions, offers various modern laboratories, amphitheatres, lecture halls, student housing and many opportunities to spend your free time.