The City of Nicosia

Nicosia is located in the center of the Mediterranean island Cyprus and is simultaneously the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. The north part of the city is beyond that the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Nicosia has, with its central location, a big advantage: many roads lead star-shaped to the beautiful coastal cities from here, which are very popular among many tourists. You can reach the island through the international airport in Larnaka, from which you can reach Nicosia within 40 minutes by car. Of course you can also get to the capital by bus from there without any problems.

With its many universities, Nicosia forms the educational center of the country and is being multiculturally enriched by the numerous international students. Here you can find students from various regions, e.g. Europe, Middle East, Asia, America and Africa.

Within the city, many destinations and sights can be reached afoot very well and quickly. Otherwise there are well interconnected bus lines, which are also active at night-time in many parts of the city, so nothing stands in the way for the nightlife. In Nicosia, you find many bars, restaurants, the typical Cypriot taverns and many other possibilities to spend the evenings.

Getting along with English in the city is no problem, because many inhabitants speak English. It is given, that the international students speak English very well anyway.