UP Faculty of Pharmacy

Studying pharmacy at the UP faculty of pharmacy lasts 5 years. After the successful completion of your studies, you will get the academic degree “Pharm.D.” (Doctor of Pharmacy). Studies will begin with the introduction to the basic knowledge of natural sciences and therefore also overlaps with the studies of medicine and dentistry.

During the second phase of the study course at the UP faculty of pharmacy, students will get the general and specific knowledge, especially related to the field pharmacy, imparted. These lectures will take place in laboratories and special facilities.

In the last year of studies, at the UP faculty of pharmacy, the students will work very practice-oriented. This means that they will have to do internships, for example in pharmacies  or at pharmaceutical companies. The sudents of the UP faculty of pharmacy can make these in Hungary, but also abroad in other countries, where the degree is being recognized. The 10th semester is made up of a 4-month practical training program in a public pharmacy or in a hospital.

After the graduation, the students of the UP faculty of pharmacy are able to work in pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical research and in the disposal and production of pharmaceutical products. The UP faculty of pharmacy educates highly qualified pharmacists. Studying at the UP faculty of pharmacy is one of the best options you can choose for studying pharmacy.