UP Faculty of Medicine

The UP faculty of medicine is internationally recognized and a Hungarian leading institution. The medical programs are offered in Hungarian, German and English, which brings a multicultural atmosphere to the university and also to the city. The UP faculty of medicine is formed out of 23 theoretical-scientific and preclinical departments and 24 clinical departments. All these are based on the highest European standards. The main building, with a hall, well-equipped lecture rooms and modern labs is an important part of the UP faculty of medicine. The teachers are young doctors and researchers as well as experienced professors. This way the students obtain everything they need: modern techniques and knowledge, as well as traditional methods and experience. At the dentistry clinic and the university clinic patients from all over Hungary and also international patients are treated.

You can take the English medical courses at the UP faculty of medicine since 1984, which is why Pécs is considered to be a pioneer in Central Europe. Since 2004 you can also study in German.