UP Faculty of Dentistry

The UP faculty of dentistry offers the students high-quality studies in English and German. All in all, studies will last 5 years and after the successful completion, you will hold the academic degree “D.M.D.” (Doctor of Dental Medicine). This degree will not only be recognized in the EU, but also in the European Economic Area and many other countries like the USA, Canada and Norway.

The UP faculty of dentistry is a part of the faculty of medicine, which has worldwide a high renown. There is a close cooperation between the UP faculty of medicine, the UP faculty of dentistry and other faculties. Some courses of the curriculum have to be taken by students of medicine and dentistry, so there is a regular exchange between the lecturers and students. The professorships include pediatric dentistry, oral and dentofacial surgery, oral diagnosic, restaurative dentistry and parodontology and the professorship for prosthodontics.