UP Values, Vision and Mission

The University of Pécs aims to maintain higher education in the university system in Hungary. A variety of study options and further education programs, which enable knowledge transmission and first-rate research activities, extend the influence of Pécs well beyond the city limits. State-of-the-art technology and cultural and scientific developments maintain the excellent standard of the study program. The University of Pécs aims for lifelong learning with its degrees, which were created to meet the requirements of constant development and further training. This does not only cover study content, but also the enrichment of the students’ personality and the development of their theoretical and practical skills. Thanks to this approach, students will acquire a sound knowledge base.


The slogan of the University of Pécs can be expressed in three words: quality, diversity and personality. Individual encouragement is very important, when it comes to education. The contents of the degree are adjusted to the students’ needs. The teaching staff is available to solve questions and doubts, so there is always a contact person the students can turn to.

Since the introduction of international degrees and the European credit transfer system, the number of foreign students has been growing continuously. This encourages Pécs to keep developing, expanding and improving cooperation agreements with other universities and their research institutions. The University of Pécs is a part of a big international network. It has a high number of partnership agreements with universities in Europe, the USA and Asia.