Values, Vision and Mission

The UIC places great value on the contact between student and patient, especially in the area of dentistry. The students are made familiar with the dental clinic from the beginning on and become acquainted with the daily routine in the clinic. Beyond that, the university wants to form professionals, who should grow an interest for research.

In general, the university has dedicated itself to the mission, to offer an optimal training with qualitatively best materials and advanced technology, so that the theoretically learned language can be applied and strengthened by the practical units.

The UIC is committed to the students, in order to give every student individual attention (small courses). Beyond that, the university stays in close contact with the vocational world, so that students can acquire practical experiences outside the university environment. The work of the UIC and thus also the courses, are based on research studies, continual research and the development of academic methods. The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, significantly supports the mobility during studying with the ERASMUS Program and many international agreements.