The City of Sant Cugat (Province of Barcelona)

Sant Cugat del Vallès is a Catalan city, which is located in the Province of Barcelona. The city is about 17 kilometers away from Barcelona and harbors ca. 87.000 inhabitants. It is connected to Barcelona with a freeway and a metro connection, so that the capital of Catalonia, and at the same time, the second largest city of Spain, can be reached quickly and easily. Sant Cugat belongs to the metropolitan area “Area Metropolitana de Barcelona“, in which 3.16 million people live altogether.

Sant Cugat has become one of the most popular residential areas in the surrounding area of Barcelona within the last 15 years. It grows continually since, because the rental prices are not yet so high, compared with Barcelona and the city can be reached easily nevertheless. The metro offers four lines to Sant Cugat – the specialty: all have a connection to the Hospital General, the campus on which the dental training will take place. Mobility is therefore absolutely no problem in Sant Cugat.

The city itself has many green spaces and parks, numerous shopping facilities, sports grounds (with golf course) and some historical buildings and sights, like the impressive Romanesque monastery from the 9th century.

The campus (the Hospital General de Catalunya) is only four kilometers from the city center away. With one kilometer, you can reach the most important traffic connections, e.g. the AP-7, which connects the entire eastern coast of the country.