Student Life in Sant Cugat/Barcelona

The student life in Sant Cugat/Barcelona, Spain, is very lively and can be organized really diversified! Hit the road with your fellow students and enjoy the numerous leisure opportunities together.

As you can see, there is much to discover for you. You should not miss the interesting student life in Sant Cugat/Barcelona on any account. That way, you will also get to know your fellow students and your new friends better.


The official language in Sant Cugat is Spanish and Catalan. Of course you will get along with English in the daily life very well. Especially in the university environment, it is no problem until you have learned the language.


The mobility is, especially with the metro network, very easy. Distances that cannot be covered afoot, can quickly be covered with the help of the metro. From Sant Cugat to Barcelona it is just two zones. A ticket from the campus/from Sant Cugat to Barcelona therefore just costs 3€.


The university has many flats in a dormitory available. If the dormitory is not the right solution, there is the possibility to rent an own flat or a room in the city center. We will help you with the apartment search and we can maybe also find some roommates among our other applicants for the UIC, if desired.

Sport & recreation

The university also offers many different sports, for example basketball and rugby. Beyond that, there are competitions between the universities that are located in Catalonia and competitions among other Spanish universities. In Sant Cugat there is, beyond that, an 18-hole golf course for all golf-lovers. Of course you can also go to the coast for different water sports and other diversified activities.

going out/free time

For the free time of the students, there are many possibilities. Sant Cugat provides several traditional restaurants, bars, cinemas and shopping possibilities. For those, who like it a little more extraordinary and more active and vibrant, they can go to the nearby Barcelona. You will find everything you need there. From huge and ultramodern shopping centers, to trendy clubs, everything is there. Of course, there are also many interesting sights that you should have visited at least once, like the  “La Sagrada Família“, the harbor, which you can gaze at from above with a ropeway and for all soccer-lovers the soccer stadium “Camp Nou”.