Reason for Studying at the UIC

  • The practical part is one of the most important factors at the UIC. Especially in the faculty of dentistry it is taken care of that the practical experiences are included into the study course from the beginning on, so that the learned contents can be applied directly, in order to consolidate the knowledge even further.
  • At UIC you be optimally prepared for the occupational life. Here you get the special key competences imparted, which you will need in your future dental occupation, be in the sector of healthcare, science or research.
  • The UIC provides the newest and most modern technical equipment for the practical learning in the dental clinic for the students. Thus, they are always up to date.The faculty of dentistry is located directly in the Hospital General de Catalunya. You will get to know the clinical daily life there from the beginning, in order to get a transition-free access to the future everyday professional life.
  • The continually growing Sant Cugat provides great basic conditions for studying there. Especially worth mentioning is the closeness to Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia can be reached very easily with a well-connected metro network. Beyond that, Sant Cugat has moderate living and lease costs, in comparison with Barcelona.
  • The UIC has a number of mobility and research cooperation with several universities all around the world.
  • After the basic education at the UIC, you can specialize yourself further in the field of dentistry in different master programs.