Tobi Has Underestimated Hradec Kralove


sorry for the late reply. Due to my new interesting life I just forgot it 😉

We three (Alice and Justus) are doing fine. We are extremely happy to be here. Before we came here, we worried a lot, if it is a good / the right decision to come here. I personally was not aware of the fact, that the university in Hradec Kralove is such an extremely good university. In my opinion it is absolutely on the same level as universities in Germany, respectively it is even a lot better considering some aspects. It would still many future students’ fears, if this would be brought to their mind. On the other side, I do not know how much you can influence this, because the students will understand and realize this for the first when they are here.

I would choose this university over many universities in Germany anytime. Not only because of the university, but also because of the great city, which is perfect for studying, and also because of my extremely sympathetic fellow students from all over the world. Here I want to stress the international community of the university.

I hope I could help 😉

Regards, Tobi

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