Kilian Likes Zagreb

I am delighted to hear from you. Here a short summary of my experiences so far:

I really like the city Zagreb. It is not too big, but always something going on, many parks and events. The university is also very beautiful, not the most modern, but still very nice. As hoped for, I really like my studies. All things considered, the course contents are being imparted very well and are, at the same time, on a high level. Sometimes the organization of some departments is a bit chaotic, but you can come to terms with this.

So all in all I am extremely satisfied here and I enjoy my studies. On this occasion I want to say thank you to your organization for the help and support.

For the arrangements I have another suggestion. You will need the temporary residence permit for the university until December 1st. In order to get it, you need to make some visits to the authorities, where you have to wait for a long time. I advise everyone to do this before studies start, because if the courses have already started you might get problems with the compulsory attendance at university. This is a small tip for future students.

If you should have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me in the future.

I want to say thank you again and wish you all the best.

Best regards, Kilian

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