Studying Dentistry in Spain – Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia? Olé!

Studying Dentistry in Spain Spain is known for its many excellent universities at which you can study dentistry without the need of a certain GPA. The cities Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia are especially popular. Among students worldwide, the word has spread that studying dentistry is Spain is a great alternative. With MSA you get the chance to choose among 3 different cities and 5 different universities resp. faculties at which you can study dentistry:

Universidad Cardenal Herrera – Valencia
Universidad Europea – Valencia
Universidad Europea – Madrid
Universidad CEU San Pablo – Madrid
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya – Barcelona

Studying dentistry in Spain is especially characterized by an early practical relevance. The practical units partially begin already during the first year, so that the students can directly apply their theoretically learned knowledge. Additionally, each university has state-of-the-art dental technology with which the future dentists can practice working with different instruments and treatment techniques, e.g. with the Simodont at the UEM.

You can find an overview of all Spanish universities at which you can study dentistry here:

We are looking forward to advise you via phone to find the right university in Spain for you!


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