The Comenius University Bratislava – New University for Medicine & Dentistry

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The Comenius University Bratislava – Our New Partner

We have good news again: the Comenius University Bratislava is the new partner university of MSA. From now on, you can sign up for medicine and dentistry with MSA for the university in the beautiful city of Bratislava in Slovakia. Both study course are internationally oriented, they are conducted in English and Bologna process compliant, so that the degree will be recognized in the EU and in several other countries.

comenius-universität-bratislavaRenown and Education

The Comenius University Bratislava is internationally known and has a very prestigious reputation worldwide – and that is no wonder, because all graduates are starting optimally prepared in their medical career after their studies. This is not least guaranteed because of the practical units, which will already start in the third academic year, so that the practice will continually accompany the students.

The Advantages of the City

The university is especially interesting for everyone, who loves to travel and to see new countries and cities. Why? – Because Bratislava is only 5 kilometers away from the border to Austria and also border to Hungary. You will also be able to reach Vienna really quickly within a one-hour drive. Bratislava is, with about 420.000 inhabitants, the capital and simultaneously the biggest city of Slovakia. Nevertheless, the cityscape is characterized by nature, because many surrounding woods reach into the city, so that you will always be able to find a safe haven away from the everyday life. The Comenius University Bratislava is located directly in the center of the city.

Get Started Now

Did we arouse your interest for the Comenius University Bratislava? Do you want to get more information about the study courses or the university? Contact our study advisers, who will help you with all questions concerning the university.

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