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Studying in German and English – The Medical Training in Pécs

Medical Training in Pécs

The medical training in Pécs has one special feature: In the Hungarian Pécs, you can study medicine and dentistry in German and in English. Beyond that, you can study pharmacy and psychology in Pécs. Studying in English will enable you to start an international, English-speaking medical career after your graduation, in order to be able to practice in any country of the world. Some of our applicants want to study in German, because they already have German language skills and after their graduation they want to work in Germany. If you are not an English native speaker, you should not be afraid of the medical training in English, because the feedback of our students, especially from Pécs, has always been very good. The English you learn at school is definitely sufficient. You will quickly adapt to the English classes and improve your language skills.

The University of Pécs

Medical training in Pécs

The University of Pécs in Hungary – with its 22,000 students – is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe and simultaneously the oldest and one of the biggest universities in Hungary. It quickly established itself as Hungary’s most famous and renowned high school and took up a leading role in regard to the field of education. As a result, the academical, scientifical and medical influence of the university does not only extend nationally, but also internationally beyond Hungary’s borders. Highest educational standards are rounded out with the newest medical technology and classes on the latest state of medical knowledge.

Admission & Recognition

In order to get admission to the medical training in Pécs, you have to take an MSA admission exam for the English-language degree programs and you have to participate in the MSA application procedure for the German-language program. All degree programs are adapted to the Bologna process, and the European “ECTS” credit system is applied, so that you can change between European universities easily, while getting all course credits recognized. The medical training in Pécs is not just a compromise, if you cannot get admission to medical training in your home country, but a profound, comprehensive and internationally recognized medical training, in which you will learn all the needed knowledge and skills for your future as a doctor or dentist.

The City of Pécs & the Student Life

Pécs is with approximately 145,000 inhabitants the fifth biggest city of Hungary. It is located near the Croatian border and has especially many things to offer for students. Culturally, you can also discover a lot. The city of Pécs therefore belongs to the most interesting cities in Hungary. In 2010, Pécs was the European Capital of Culture. Due to the large number of students in the Hungarian city, Pécs quickly developed into a university town. Here you can make friends with students from all over the world! The University of Pécs offers a varied program for students, e.g. a three day university festival, which is taking place every April. In the following video, you can see what a great atmosphere dominates the festival year after year:

Not Only a Plan B!

The medical training in Pécs may only be a workaround from your point of view today – but it is not! It is a great alternative, which is in no way inferior to studies elsewhere, be it in regard to the university and the medical training or in regard to all other basic conditions, e.g. the student life. If it is your dream to study medicine, then the University of Pécs in Hungary is definitely more than just a good plan B. We regularly get feedback from students, who stayed in Pécs, even though they got a university place offered in their home country, because they liked it so much there. Start your medical training in Pécs now! You will find more information about the university here.

Contact Person

Certainly, all of our study advisers can give you information about the university – but these two are specialized on Hungarian universities – especially the University of Pécs – and can answer all your questions concerning the medical training in Pécs:

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Contact person for the
University of Pécs

Nadine Siepel
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Contact person for the
University of Pécs

Lisa Marie Schwark
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