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The City of Kaunas

Kaunas is – with 305.000 inhabitants – the second biggest city of Lithuania and famous for its historic downtown. Die city is located directly at the important highway “Via Baltica” (E-67), which connects Warsaw, Riga and Helsinki. Geografically, Kaunas is located at the junction of two important rivers of Lithuania: the Nemunas and the Neris. Here you will find the main centers of trade and services in Lithuania. The city of Kaunas is located in the middle of Lithuania, which is very important concerning the traffic and transportation. Kaunas has an international airport that 800.000 passengers use annually.

There are several universities in Kaunas and many galleries. The textile art is very popular, because it is one feature of the tradition. The international art biennial, which is taking place since 1997, is highly esteemed.

Kaunas has a pedestrian area, which is 2,5 kilometers long and which has many cafés and boutiques, which connect the medieval historic district with the new town. In the historic district, you will find many well-preserved historical buildings.

Many famous sights can be found on the historic townhall square, like for example the Cathedral St. Peter and Paul, the Jesuit Church and the historic townhall, which is used as a registry office today.