Alice Quickly Found Friends


I am very fine here. You get to know people very quickly because the groups are small and the students from higher semester are helping where they can. Of course it is very stressful but absolutely manageable. I really like the system, where you have to learn constantly, because then at the end you are not under such a stress for the finals or the credittests.

The professors are fine, but I cannot say if they are better or worse than the German ones because I do not have experience with German professors. But I think that you can definitely make better contact with them, because of the small groups.

The city is of course not comparable to a metropolis, but I really like it here and there are enough options for going out. So all in all I am more than satisfied, the people are great and I really like my studies, even though it is really intensive. I would prefer the city over a metropolis anytime, because here you feel at home and make friends faster.

I hope I could help you with my answers!

Best regards, Alice

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